Veyon not running programs from network share

  • Hi there,

    As the title of this topic says, I'm having trouble with Veyon when attempting to use the "Run program" option in the software to run programs from a Network Share.

    I have a batch file stored in a network share which I would like to run on 30 laptops. However, no matter who seems to be logged onto the laptop at the time, Veyon simply seems to ignore the command.

    The users that I'm logged in with have the necessary rights to access the share and the drive where the batch file is stored. If I enter the file path to the batch file in say a Windows Run box it works fine. What's weirder is that this did work on an older version of Veyon. Not sure which version but I do remember it working. I've also tried it with and with the quotation marks and that makes no difference.

    Any ideas why this functionality isn't working or if somebody has got it working could they let me know how they have things setup?

    Thanks very much in advance.