• Hi,

    I can not add 25 computers in Veyon that software allow only 21 PCs, so how can I add more PC?


  • We have 30 PCs in our IT Suites and definitely not an issue with Veyon. Are you sure it is not just a display issue - i.e. you may need to scroll down to access/edit the added PCs?

  • We have configured by using key authentication and follow the configure manual. but when we add 25 PCs the master can connect only 21 if we disconnect 1 PC another PC can be connected.

  • This sounds like an issue where the operating system limits the number of outgoing TCP connections per application. Which OS and version are you using? Can you try to disable the firewall on Veyon Master computer? Try searching for the "TcpNumConnections" parameter in the registry.

  • We are using Windows 7 operation system. Can you give me the instruction to solve this issues. We have searched for the "TcpNumConnections" parameter in the registry but did't see TcpNumConnections. Should we create TcpNumConnections? If we do that how many value data can we input?