Regression : Bug authenfication version 4.1.5

  • Hello
    I had encountered difficulties in controlling access to veyon master with versions 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 of people from an unauthorized AD group could still open the veyon master.
    Version 4.1.4 corrects this problem, test done on windows 7 x64 and windows 10 x64 professional
    I tested the version 4.1.5 on W10 x64 Pro and there is a regression ... what was corrected with the version 4.4 is no longer functional a person from an unauthorized AD group can again launch the Veyon Master
    I would do a test of version 4.1.5 on a Win7 soon ..

  • Hello @fred
    are you using access control rules? If so, which conditions are enabled/used?

    It's true that we have a fix in 4.1.5 which will prevent Veyon from using any groups at all for access control if the LDAP/AD group member attribute is not configured or the user object could not be queried from a user login name. So first of all please check your LDAP/AD settings and perform all integration tests.