Service start/stop button don't work in veyon configurator.

  • Thanks for a useful program.

    I would like to use veyon on PCLinuxOS.
    I compiled it on PCLinuxOS successfully. In veyon configurator, [start service] and [stop service] button don't work because of the difference of init system.
    PCLinuxOS support sysvinit not systemd.
    Let me know you can support veyon for sysvinit linux distributions or how to use veyon configurator without any error.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello @lipheng
    due to the historical differences and difficulties with init systems we never had proper service support on Linux. As of Veyon 4.1 we have systemd support. Without systemd you'll have to launch veyon-server via autostart or Xsetup mechanisms in your session.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not a programmer so it is difficult to modify source to support SysvINIT.
    so I made and used a init script for veyon as follow:

    . /etc/init.d/functions

    userid=awk -F ':' '{if($3==500) print $1}' /etc/passwd

    case "$1" in
    sudo -u $userid $prog_path/$prog1 &
    sudo -u $userid $prog_path/$prog2 &
    killproc $prog_path/$prog1 1>>/dev/null 2>>/dev/null
    killproc $prog_path/$prog2 1>>/dev/null 2>>/dev/null
    status "veyon-service"
    status "veyon-server"
    gprintf "Usage: %s {start|stop|status}\n" "$0"
    exit 1

    exit 0