• Hello.

    I have a typical configuration for a classroom. Ten computers for the pupils and one computer for the teacher. Every machine has debian stable as SO, so I have installed the last oficial debian package in all of them. All the machines also have two users: teacher and pupil.

    I'm using "logon authentification" as authentification method and in "Access control" I allow access to every logged user. I'm trying to restric the access to veyon master in the pupils' machines. I have tried everything, but I'm not able to do it. I have tried restricting access to members of "teacher" group and I have also tried adding a control access rule in the same way ("accessing user is a member of teacher group").

    Can someone PLEASE explain how can I do that restriction? Am I missing anything?

    Thaks in advance

  • Restricting access to a group such as teacher is the way to go so there seems to be a problem with the system or Veyon configuration. I assume the teacher users are member of a teacher group on both master and all client computers? Can you run

    getent group teacher

    and post the output here?