• Hi I am new to using Veyon and I was curious if it is possible for the Veyon application to give a notification when someone is remote viewing/controlling a end users machine.

  • I am using Veyon from a month now and i didn't see any settings specific for notification. But it do give notification to client machines when a master application with unauthorized access connects to those client machines.
    For e.g. i am using domain login for access and if i login with non domain or local machine user then it tells the client machines that this machines (IP and Username) is trying to access.

  • I plan on using this in a office environment. It would put my end users at ease if they had some sort of a indicator when were remoting into the computers.

  • you could just send the user a message before remoting into the screen. Using the built in send message feature. Just an idea for you.

  • Hi @RHarris
    welcome to Veyon! I just added advanced notification options which will be part of the final 4.1 release. These two new options allow you to enable/disable messages on successful or failed connection attempts.

  • @tobydox That is fantastic thanks for the update!!!