• I do not understand, what to do to configure LDAP, I could have explanations, please
    thank you

  • In ldap - basic settings: use ldap server IP (you can use server's FQDN but using IP is better, DNS can cause issues.), Port: Default i.e. 389. (Only change port if you have changed it on your AD or ldap server)
    Do not use Anonymous Bind, It works and not work depend upon your ldap server settings. Use Bind Credentials:
    Bind DN: USER@Domain.local Bind Password: PASSWORD
    Note: Use complete domain name like mentioned above. Short names sometimes works sometimes don't, again server settings.
    Now test..
    You can also use Base DN settings as: -> Fixed base DN: dc=domain,dc=local
    Remaining settings are just choices to go specific etc.

    For login by ldap user:
    Access control - computer access control - Data backend: Select ldap

    For using ldap server's computer list:
    General - Network object directory - Backend: ldap

    Note: I have tested these settings and works fine in both windows and linux machines with both stable and pre release.

  • @Micky219
    thanks for testing the pre-releases!
    did you manage to get LDAP integration up and running?