Issues in Linux Machines - Pre-releases

  • Hi,

    I am using veyon pre-releases (4.1) on Linux machines (Ubuntu 16.04 and Mint 18.3). It is installed and service is running even after a reboot. But screen in veyon master do not shows when:

    1. I Logout a user and login again with either same user or different user.
    2. I boot or reboot the system. For it to show after boot i have to create a .desktop file to restart service. It do not work automatically without restarting the service after boot or reboot. If i check the service then it is always running. Checked it by disabling the firewall as well.
    3. By adding to startup program, restart command do not work as it ask for authentication. By adding sudo it restarts and shows name but instead of actual user it shows root as username.
    4. With .desktop file, On every restart it shows the user screen on master application but in place of name it only shows lightdm (Login Manager).
      a). For it to show name of logged in user, i have to restart the service after user is logged in.
      b). It stops showing the screen after some time after login if i login with different user after reboot and do not restart service.

    UPDATE: Tried Pre-release on fresh updated Ubuntu 18.04 and it did not work at all.

    UPDATE 2: Fixed the issue by killing the process at boot time rather than restarting it. When you kill the process, it restarts automatically with that user without requiring any permissions and so updates the user name at master file.

  • Thanks for the feedback! We'll do more testing with Ubuntu 16.04 in preparation of the final 4.1 release. I'll let you know once we have bug fixes for the problems mentioned.