• Good day,
    Thanks for the help you can provide.
    I try to alleviate the load of adding equipment, so I save the configuration file and try to edit the JSON file, but when I open it I see that the description of a computer has a field called "UID", for example:

                     "HostAddress": "user-pc",
                     "Name": "student e",
                     "ParentUid": "{44857d2a-490b-4d8f-92c0-f6b22b7c5236}",
                     "Type": 3,
                     "Uid": "{b500e069-f030-4eae-8462-5c498a503573}"

    I am grateful for your answers.

  • @hugo_alva
    You can generate UUIDs on your own. Take care to use identical UUIDs for ParentUUID. Besides that I recommend to manage everything through Veyon Configurator. Starting with Veyon 4.1 you can also modify computer and room information at the command line, see https://veyon.io/blog/2018/04/24/network-object-management-cli/ for details 😉