• Using Linuxmint 19 Tara and using Veyon 4.1.4 in my classroom. There is a big-widescreen-pc as a whiteboard in my classroom and my SHIFT key does not working on any client when I use Remote Control mode. It is not a fast way to use client's onscreen keyboard and Fullscreen Demo mode causes a black portion on the right side of the client's screen when casting 4:3 resolution to 16:9.

  • @onurtamer

    on 4.1.2 version, the shift key also does not work 😥 with Linux Client. with Windows client works ok. Whereis the problem? on Linux vnc server?

  • This is caused by a problem with VNC. It can be fixed by doing the following:

    Load veyon configurator
    Click on Service on the left side
    Change the VNC server settings as follows:
    Plugin: Builtin VNC server
    Custom x11vnc parameters: -nomodtweak

    This must be done on both master and remote.

  • Thanks ttucker... solved 🙂

  • Thanks for providing the investigations and sharing the workaround! While scrutinizing the issue I spotted a problem in the build system leading to relevant x11vnc features such as the keyboard extension not being enabled at compile time. This will be fixed in 4.1.6.