• Can anyone confirm whether the AD/LDAP username and password are only stored as encrypted strings or if there are still ways to retrieve it?

    I noticed when trying the alpha build that the password and username are no longer stored as plain text and can't be exported to the .json file and they also can't be seen in the registry editor. If there is no other place that the username/password can be viewed that is great! I can't wait to use it in it's LDAP form. Can anyone confirm this for me?

    Kind regards, Ben.

  • Hi @Ben-Ronlund
    you're right that in Veyon 4.1 all passwords (also including the LDAP bind password) are stored encrypted in the local configuration. Once you upgrade to Veyon 4.1 and modify the configuration they get encrypted automatically (besides other configuration updates). This means you should save your configuration before upgrading to 4.1 as reverting back to 4.0 will make problems.