Veyon locks, reboots or stops all computers at once

  • Hello all

    I am a new Veyon user for the schools I supervise.

    The remote viewing works well, but once i try to lock a user (or restart a PC), Veyon locks ALL users, including the 'master' PC.

    This is very annoying, as you can imagine.

    The configuration is as this :
    COMPUTER1-6 / mac / IP

    So, in the room, i can see all 6 'user' pc, as well as the 'master' PC.

    I believe that if I could remove the master PC from the room, it wouldn't restart it as well, but it won't work without it...
    I'm stuck and i'm pulling my hair out...

    Does anyone has an idea ?

    thanks 🙂

  • Hi @SamGreff

    theoretically you can omit the master computer from the configuration with the drawback that auto-discovery of current room will not work. In your case you can enable the setting "Hide local computer" in the Master configuration page in Veyon Configurator. This should hide the master computer while functioning regularly.