Master Disconnects from LAN and have to reboot all student PC's

  • Hi All
    My first post and only installed Veyon yesterday so excuse my ignorance. There are 10 student PC's and one master all connected to the same LAN. I am using public private key authentication. If the Master PC disconnects from the network whilst using Veyon just for a second we have to restart all 10 student PC's to restore connectivity. Is there a better way to re-establish the connection please?
    Thanks in advance

  • @gtb
    I have made a bit of progress with this in as much as if i turn the network switch that all devices are connected to off and then back on again, then the student PC's all pop up on the master screen almost immediately. So a good workaround and probably more to do with my network than the Veyon application

  • OK I'll have a look whether we can improve the connection timeout settings.