• I can not usse IP STATIC in my classrom, have any solution?
    How do it?
    Thanks in advance.

  • You can try to use host names instead of IP addresses. If that's not possible you can only limit the range for dynamic IP address leases in your DHCP server configuration and add host entries for every possible IP address in Veyon Configurator. An automatic discovery plugin for dynamic environments will be available later this year.

  • @tobydox said in I can usse without IP STATICS:

    host names

    In my case, if I use only host names, omitting IP address, veyon master is not able to connect to the clients ūüėě

  • Can you ping the hosts by hostname?

  • I fooled around with host names in the ip address field and mac address field individually. When I used host name in one or the other, I was unable to see the clients. HOWEVER, when I put the host name in BOTH fields, I'm able to see the clients. Hope this helps. My school district is constantly changing ip addresses, so this was the only way I could effectively monitor my classroom laptops without constantly updating the ip address field.

  • Put the hostnames in the IP-Address field and it should work fine.

  • The current table headers are probably somewhat misleading. While Name is just a identifier used for identifying and labelling the computer in Veyon Master, Host address/IP reflects the actual hostname or IP address which to connect to. Therefore both fields have to be filled. Suggestions on how the the user interface can be improved are appreciated.

  • IP addresses/DNS issues are mess in my school district with DHCP and we are not allowed to have STATIC IP
    MY Fix

    Needed: Computer Name, Primary DNS Suffix, Created Veyon Authentication Key Public

    You get this using Computer Name and Primary DNS Suffix using CMD command in windows and using ipconfig /all to get the computers name and network link

    C:\User YourloginName>ipconfig /all

    Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Computer-Name (This is each individual computer's name)
    Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . : student.sch.local (This is the main link the network uses to find computers and back to DNS)

    In Veyon's Rooms and Computers under Host address/IP
    I copy this info (Not the IP as they change constantly) Computer-Name.student.sch.local

    Computer-Name.student.sch.local combines the name and link so the system can find each computer even if the ip changes. As IP's change in DHCP, but the names stay the same.

    When I add Veyon service to each client or student computer I add the Public key that Veyon created for me in Rooms and Computers and then I can see and control each client/student machine from my teacher's master Veyon service.

  • I had the same problem. Curtis says true but you need to check another setting in the DHCP.
    In windows server, in your DHCP, select your scope and go to the properties.
    Select the DNS tab and activate the dynamic update DNS with this setting: Always update PTR and A DNS.

    On Veyon, you can use the computer's names without IP address. (i don't use DNS suffix)

    (Same thing in french)

    J'ai eu le même problème, Curtis dit vrai mais tu auras besoin de vérifier les paramètres du DHCP.
    Sur Windows server, dans la console DHCP, sélectionne ton étendue et va sur les propriétés.
    Choisis l'onglet DNS et active les mises à jour dynamiques DNS avec les paramètres: Toujours mettre à jour dynamiquement les enregistrements PTR et A DNS.

    Sur Veyon, tu peux utiliser les noms des ordinateurs sans les adresses IP (je n'utilise pas le suffixe DNS)


  • @Sanny Thank you very much, this is the solution I was looking for!