• Hi

    I'm using ubuntu 16.04, and Veyon 4.0.4
    No way for me to change this config (can't change system in the rooms I manage this year, with and other veyon versions compatible with 16.04 don't "want" to authenticate users with ldap)

    I need to know how veyon generates uuid for machines (to automatically record PCs with the right infos on veyon master at veyon installation on clients).

    I noticed an UUID generated by veyon matches a PC : When I config a PC with an UUID generated by veyon, it is always recognized, even after fresh install of master, but if I generate an UUID with python for a PC, this one will not be recognized.

    I suppose you use something like mac address or ip, or hostname, but I didn't managed to make it work.
    Could you help me ?

    (The idea of all this is avoid to have to manually add machines in master's UI, as I've got a lot)
    In this version of veyon, the only command line to import room configuration seems to be

    veyon-ctl config veyon-ctl config set LocalData/NetworkObjects

    from a .json formatted string (No 'add' command).
    That's what I'm trying to use.

    Thank you for your help

  • The UUID generation is rather complex and likely hard to reproduce (see https://github.com/veyon/veyon/blob/master/core/src/NetworkObject.cpp#L169 for details). I therefore suggest to troubleshoot the issue which prevents you from upgrading to 4.1. Unfortunately in 4.0 there's no possibility to manage computers outside Veyon Configurator.

  • Hi,

    Sorry, I was too busy to go back to veyon install this last days.
    Coming back to it, today, I fixed my "problem" :
    In fact, my .json file was malformed. But, as veyon-ctl returned "OK" message whan I imported it, I didn't suspect that.
    Now, I fixed it, and it works well.
    For the record, I have no problem generating UUID with python or even bash, using the following commands :

    # bash :
    # python :
    import uuid
    newUid = "{" + str(uuid.uuid4()) + "}"

    I have now a working veyon installation for all my rooms. Every new PC automatically sends its informations to veyon conf (ip, Mac, hostname, UUID and room).

    Thank you for your help and your great job developping veyon. It's a powerful and really usefull software for education.