greyed out client machines on the Master

  • I am new at setting up Veyon - But now have most of it figured out !! BUT in the master machine I have 11 greyed out and offline machines - and 25 client machines in the master that are red and online and connected and showing the clients desktop - my issue is I am trying to load the master key on the 11 greyed out machines and I cannot get them to be online and connected on the master - I have checked everything I can think of and cannot figure it out - the client machines that are greyed out on the master are online and it takes the key configurator process but will not show up on the master as connected - Can anyone help with what I am needing to do to get these 11 machines online and showing as connected in the master ? I tried making sure they had the same user account and multiple other things matching my online client computers and still no luck !! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !! Yvette

  • Welcome to Veyon! If the machines are greyed out they can't be reached by the Master at all. If computers are shown in red they are reachable via ping but not the Veyon Service i.e. no service running or authentication problems. Did you follow the troubleshooting instructions at ?