Veyon on linux mint 19 not launching master client in key authentication mode.

  • Hi,
    I have tried installing veyon on windows and linux (mint 19). On windows everything goes perfect. However, on linux mint 19 I can only access the master client if I set it to logon authentication, but I cannot access the master client when set to key authentication.

    The keep getting this message:

            No authentication key files were found or your current ones are outdated. Please create new key files using the veyon configurator. Alternatively setup logo authentication using veyon configurator. Otherwise you won't be able to access computers using veyon.

    I have obviously created the keys, but to no avail. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Ok, so I don't know what to do. I posted this like 4 days ago, and there have been around 40 views but no suggestions!!!

  • Please check the permissions on the key files in /etc/veyon/keys/* - you can change the group allowed to read the private key easily using Veyon Configurator -> Authentication keys -> Set access group