Deactivate live user screen in Veyon Master

  • Hello guys,
    I describe my request first in german and after this in english.

    Ich habe folgende Anfrage:
    Ist es möglich die Live-Ansicht der Benutzer/user in Veyon Master zu unterbinden, sprich der Master kann die Monitore nicht "überwachen" sondern sieht nur z.B. das PC-Symbol (z.B. Bild unten, links die Live-Ansicht, rechts wie es aussehen soll)?


    Danke im Vorraus für die Hilfe!
    Würde mich über eine Rückmeldung freuen! ☺

    Sorry the maybe bad english 😅
    I have the following request:
    Is it possible to prevent the live view of the user monitors in Veyon Master, so the master can not "monitor" the user monitors but only sees, for example, the PC icon (for example image below, left the live view, right as it should look )?


    Thanks for help and would be glad about a feedback! ☺

  • Hello
    with ITALC on the client computer it was enough to stop the ITALC service. only possible as administrator
    but not tested on veyon

  • Hi Fred,
    was it still possible to lock and unlock the user monitor?

  • Hello normally no ... I'll do a virtual machine test

  • So I confirm by stopping the service Veyon the master station no longer see the client and is marked as offline ... so no interaction possible between the master and the client.
    for administrators we can put:
    in a logon script a .bat file with in:
    :: Stopping the veyon service
    net stop VeyonService

    and in a logoff script
    :: starting the veyon service
    net start VeyonService

    so if an administrator is connected no visibility or possible interaction on the client machine

  • Thanks Fred for testing.
    The interaction with the client (only lock/unlock user screen) must be possible.
    I want the visibility of the live view from the master on the clients deactivated.

  • Hello
    OK but I do not understand what you want to do ...
    when an admin connects to a client workstation I find it normal that the user of the master post do not see what it is wrong to do the admin ....
    If I understand correctly you would like us to be able to lock or unlock a computer without being able to see what the connected user is doing
    that's it ??

  • @fred Sorry for the late answer. I was on vacation the last days.

    Yes that´s it.
    The Veyon Master should be able to lock or unlock a Computer (Veyon Client) without being able to see what the connected user ist doing.