Need help to configure veyon with command line

  • Hi,

    First, the context
    Ubuntu Xenial, many rooms.
    As I explained in another post, I have to use veyon 4.0.4 ubuntu xenial package (issue with LDAP auth on 4.1.x).
    As I manage a lot of rooms, I can't use GUI interface to enter my machines one by one by hand. It' s possible too, that machines change during the year for a lot of reasons, and it would take too much time to do that.

    For all those reasons, I'm trying to find a way to configure all this with scripts.
    I use the command :

    veyon-ctl config get LocalData/NetworkObjects

    to get rooms and computers information, and it works well.
    The idea is to modify this key, and then, use

    veyon-ctl config set LocalData/NetworkObject

    to reconfigure veyon.

    I know exactly how to do this, with bash and python. Actually, I already made the scripts, it's pretty simple :
    Everytime the teacher's computer starts, it reloads veyon's configuration file from a network share. So I just got to modify this file to update every teacher's computers configuration.
    Everytime veyon is installed on a new computer, it modifies this file to add/update its references in the LocalData/NetworkObject key.


    The only thing I can't manage is the "UID" parameter (for rooms and computers). I don't know how this parameter is generated.

    It would be a great help for me if someone could explain this process, and where those UIDs are stored.
    (I found the /etx/xdg/Veyon Solutions/Veyon.conf file, but it doesn't help much)

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi again,

    I slept on it, as one says, and I realized there was no problem with UIDs : I just got to generate and include them in the conf.
    Very often, network based softwares work with agents on clients, that sends its information on server, to be "recognized".
    I realised there is no such process in veyon, and that a computer's UID is only present on master, the client doesn't even know it.

    Sorry for that "stupid" question. You can mark as "resolved"

    For the record : I'm discovering Veyon, and I'm really impressed by its possibilities and its fast evolution.
    Thanks for your great job