Can Veyon be used over the internet?

  • Can Veyon be used over the internet?

    If yes, is it possible to accept clients without knowing their ip address? (If they provide a valid authentication they can connect)

    Thank you.

  • This is only possible if the Veyon port is exposed publicly to the internet. We currently do not recommend this as the traffic in Veyon 4 is not encrypted yet (but will be in Veyon 5).

  • Is it possible to configure Veyon to work as an client troubleshooting remote tool?

    The scenario would be:
    Someone from the company (worker1) is waiting for connection to server (it is already connected, like a teacher)
    Worker1 sends an email to a client (would work as a student) so he can connect to the server.
    Client connects to server.
    Worker can access Client desktop and provide remote assistance.

    From reading the documentation, I think it would be necessary to know the ip address of the client before he can connect to the server. And since most of the time the client can't provide this information this solution would not work.

    Basically something like teamviewer, but with more control.

    Thank you.

  • This is currently not possible but we want to focus on such use cases with Veyon 5 - any ideas, suggestions and code contributions are welcome 🙂

  • @tobydox Hi, im new with Veyon, please can you explain how we can connect over internet with the students computers???

    At this moment some of the kids are making home-school with their computers or in some cases with the School computers but in their homes.

    Are any way that we can connect and see this computers over internet???

    The PCs that are in the same School building work perfect, but we need to see the PCs on the kids houses.


  • @glew_ Monitoring/controlling student's computers at home is not possible. You would need to use VPN solutions to make the computers accessible in general and then also have the students install the Veyon Service – likely not feasible 😉 All I can suggest for the moment is to use meeting tools which allow students to share their screens.