Bug in veyon-ctl networkobjects import

  • Hi,

    I'm using Veyon 4.1.4 from .deb package downloaded on your site, and ubuntu 18.04.
    I try to prepare configurations for my classrooms.
    I manually declared some rooms/computers in veyon-configurator, to make some tests.
    I use the following command to export my conf :

    veyon-ctl networkobjects export computers-with-rooms.csv format "%type%;%room%;%name%;%host%;%mac%"

    Just after this command, I clear the conf :

    veyon-ctl networkobjects clear

    Then I try to import back, with exactly the same command I used to export, just replacing "export" with "import" :

    veyon-ctl networkobjects import computers-with-rooms.csv format "%type%;%room%;%name%;%host%;%mac%"

    This command fails with message :

    [ERROR] Erreur pendant l'analyse de la ligne 1.

    (Error during line 1 analysis)

    I had to remove the "type" column in every line of the csv file and the %type% parameter in the command to make it work.
    As the type parameters in the csv file were in french ("Salle", "Ordinateur"), I also tried to replace them with "Room" and "Computer" (and reusing the %type% parameter in the command), but it didn't make it work better.

    It seems this is a bug, then (sorry).
    I noticed, though, that if I don't use the %type% parameter, and I only keep in the file my computers, with the %room% parameter, there is no need to use this %type% parameter : you just have to edit the .csv file after export, and remove every line concerning a room. Rooms are automatically created on import, according to the room parameter in computer's lines.


  • This is indeed an insufficiency in the import command. I just added the missing support for importing an optional object type column. It will be part of Veyon 4.2 and maybe we'll also backport it to future 4.1 releases.