Lock all Veyon client from Veyon master from a batchfile ?

  • Hi

    I am successfully using Veyon in our classrom and there is one feature I really miss. We are using a touch board together with a streamdesk keyboard and it would be great to lock/unlock all Veyon clients by the touch of a button on the keyboard i.e. from inside a batchfile or with a hotkey while the Veyon master application is running in the background.

    I understand there is a command line interface to Veyon master but only for configuration purposes. Would it be possible to add this "commandline lock/unlock" feature to the command line tools ?

    Kind regards

  • Hello Martin,

    making all features in Veyon Master accessible through the command line as well is one of our long-term goals. Until then the only thing you can try is to modify the source code such that specific hotkeys are assigned to buttons in the toolbar. I can offer commercial services to get this done for you - please write an email to support@veyon.io.

    Best regards