• Hello,

    I know there are other posts talking about this, but I've tried in vain every tip I've read.

    My school's computers receive dinamic IPs (with those directions Veyon works fine, obviously until the IPs are changed by the DHCP server).

    When I try to exclusively use the names of the computers (both pings work, from master to slave and vice versa) the MONITORING window that pops up starts cloning itself ad infinitum, and the main window says there's no connection.

    Any ideas? Maybe it's something about the configuration... but as I've said, with IPs it works great.


  • I had the same problem. You need to check another setting in the DHCP.
    In windows server, in your DHCP, select your scope and go to the properties.
    Select the DNS tab and activate the dynamic update DNS with this setting: Always update PTR and A DNS.

    On Veyon, you can use the computer's names without IP address. (i don't use DNS suffix)

    (Same thing in french)

    J'ai eu le même problème, tu auras besoin de vérifier les paramètres du DHCP.
    Sur Windows server, dans la console DHCP, sélectionne ton étendue et va sur les propriétés.
    Choisis l'onglet DNS et active les mises à jour dynamiques DNS avec les paramètres: Toujours mettre à jour dynamiquement les enregistrements PTR et A DNS.

    Sur Veyon, tu peux utiliser les noms des ordinateurs sans les adresses IP (je n'utilise pas le suffixe DNS)