Complete Full Name/Display Name doesn't display in thumbnail caption

  • I am seeing behavior that is not ideal in my environment regarding how user names are displayed in the thumbnail captions while monitoring. When a local user's 'Full Name' or an Active Directory user's 'Display Name' has a word in parentheses, the complete name doesn't display in the thumbnail caption while monitoring.

    For example, if a user whose 'Full Name' (local account) or 'Display Name' (Active Directory account) is "John Doe (Support)" is logged into a computer named "COMPUTERNAME", the thumbnail caption in the 'Monitoring' section shows up as "Support) - COMPUTERNAME". For what it is worth, the user's Full Name/Display Name does display correctly (along with their user name) in the 'Computer rooms' section.

    I don't see any place to modify what part of a Full Name/Display Name is displayed in the thumbnail caption. Does anyone know if is possible to configure this beyond the drop-down in the Master section of the Configurator? If this isn't possible, it would be awesome to have support for this in future builds.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We recently improved this in the current development branch so this will be fixed in 4.2. The full name will be displayed properly. May be we'll also backport the change to 4.1.x.