Importing CSVs with through configurator

  • Is this in the works? Importing CSVs/Text file for rooms without using the command line? We are currently doing this and its kind of a pain everytime.

    Gary Micke

  • Thanks for your feedback! It's currently not in work as the initial idea was that such operations usually are performed by scripts and thus no graphical frontend was required. We might however add this in the future but I can't make any promises yet. Feel free to make a donation in order to prioritize the implementation and show the importance for you 😉 Code contributions are welcome as well.

  • Hi Toby and others,

    Could anyone please link to a script or reply with the script?

    I haven't been able to find it and although I could probably tweak it to work with my environment I wouldn't be able to create it myself.

    Kind Regards, Ben.

  • We currently do not have example scripts yet but the help text of the CLI networkobjects import command should give you all information required to import files:

    veyon-ctl networkobjects help import

    (requires one of the 4.1 preview versions). Feel free to ask specific questions 😉

  • Wow the inbuilt instructions are perfect (the ones that come up from veyon-ctl networkobjects help import) and the fact that it supports CSV files means making changes is super easy. At my site we have a lot of empty rooms and duplicate rooms which means manual is necessary as I don't have permissions to change the AD structure. Your veyon-ctl.exe tool is so useful! Thanks heaps.

    I'm just trying to get your software to a stage where I can show to my principal it can be used without creating a network security risk (thanks for now encrypting the password fields btw). The only thing I have left on my list is security settings that stop teachers viewing teachers (using AD user group memberships).

    Again thanks Toby, if you ever make a paid product or have a paid support line I'll try to get on to it.

  • @Ben-Ronlund
    You should be able to prevent teachers from viewing teachers by creating according access control rules. Have you already figured out how to achive it?

    And yes, there'll be a possibility to become a paying subscriber and get exclusive access to additional features and goodies soon 🙂

  • Hi,

    Just used import function, it worked well on Ubuntu 18.04, with latest github release.

    veyon-ctl networkobjects list
    veyon-ctl networkobjects dump

    works well, but i can't see graphically what i imported in Veyon, or Configurator.

    EDIT: wow, it's even weirder.
    I open 1 term on the VM, and 1 ssh connexion.

    • What i import through SSH is only visible through ssh with veyon-ctl
    • What i import through local term is only visible in local with veyon-ctl AND graphically.

    And yes, i triple checked that i worked on the same host locally or through ssh.

    Right part of screen is a SSH connexion.


  • @joki issue is fixed in Veyon 4.1 final - thanks for reporting and discussing in our issue tracker!