Uninstalling Veyon Corrupts Touchpad and Keyboard Drivers

  • Hi there,

    I've just uninstalled Veyon from some laptops and it appears to have corrupted the touchpad and keyboard drivers so they no longer work. When you get to the Windows 7 login screen you can't do anything. Luckily I still had Veyon installed on one of these laptops when it happened so I was able to remote control with Veyon and login to the laptop. That's when I checked Device Manager to confirm that the Touchpad and Keyboard drivers where Code 39, which is corrupted or missing.

    Also, even when you plug in a USB Keyboard, it still doesn't work. It still can't load the drivers. This is the same with a USB Mouse as well.

    I uninstalled Veyon by going to C:\Program Files\Veyon and running the uninstall.exe file.

    The architecture of the laptops is 64bit and they're running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

    I've now also noticed that it has also done it on one of our desktop PCs. It looks like the DameWare Virtual Keyboard Emulation has been corrupted as well. This PC is a 32bit machine running Windows 7 Pro 32bit.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately there's a problem in the input device interception driver coming along with Veyon. Under rare circumstances it can lead to an inconsistent state where input device drivers do not work properly any longer. You can either install Veyon again, reboot and uninstall afterwards or re-install and uninstall the interception driver by downloading the files at https://github.com/veyon/veyon/tree/master/3rdparty/interception and run the batch files. We hope to have a solution for this problem in future releases.

  • Hi Toby,

    Not a problem.

    Thanks very much for the fix.

    That worked.

    Kind regards.

  • Oh so it was Veyon ... I thought that laptop has some internal problem. Unfortunately I don't have Veyon install anymore on the laptop. I need to find a way to reset those drivers without a keyboard/mouse/touchpad ... how you manage to fix the other laptop Parklands?

    This happen on a Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit


  • Can you try to boot in safe mode?

  • @kult Hi Kult,

    Luckily I was just updating Veyon to the later version. So I uninstalled an old version and then reinstalled the new Version.

    So I had Veyon on the laptops and I was then able to remote control them.

    If you can get the keyboard and mouse to work in safe mode then you can get Veyon back onto your machines.

    Or maybe you could get the batch file to run on computer startup via Group Policy if you have the exe file in a network location. Might be worth trying that.

  • Hi everyone,

    It a painful, but i manage to get my keyboard back. It wasn't working in safe mode, I try the repair option, it took some times but my laptop is working again. I haven't get the chance to re-install Veyon on it because it start working just in time for class. I'll try to "clean" the laptop before trying to re-install Veyon.

    Thanks again for the help.

    3 hours later I can confirm that the laptop is working as a charm and I was able to install Veyon on it.