• Hello. Is there anyway to address the PopOver (with the Send Shortcut, View Only, Screen shot, Full Screen Quit) to not get in the way of the top of a remote control screen? As I go to the controlled device, I am routinely having to contend with the bar sliding into or out of view. I have to wait a second for it to disappear...and if I get to close, it pops back up again. Can this be parked so it is always present? Or, some other solution?


  • Is anybody else even seeing the challenge I am having. IOW, is this something that VEYON is doing, or perhaps something on my end.


  • Thanks for the feedback! There have been similar reports before so we'll try to improve this in future releases.

  • @drewloker OH MY THANK YOU!!!! I just posted the same topic, but with the term "drop down" bar, not "pop over", so didn't see your post first. That thing drives me NUTS!!! I'm teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, so am constantly remote controlling computers to more efficiently help my students - and that drop-down pop over whatever bar is in the most inconvenient location EVER! If they could move it to the side, that would solve all my problems entirely - probably to the LEFT side of the screen would be best. So hoping they'll add this in future versions.

  • Today I worked on improving this so in upcoming 4.1.5 release the toolbar only appears after a delay of about 500 ms and the animation for appearing/disappearing is much faster now so everything should be much more usable now. A test build ( is available at https://github.com/veyon/veyon/releases/download/v4.1.4/veyon- If you like the improvements please consider to make a donation to the Veyon project, see https://veyon.io/get-involved/ for details 😉