WOL and shutdown Windows PCs remotely from Raspbian

  • Dear All,

    Is it possible to send WOL and shutdown commands to computers from Raspbian? In the school, we have a Rpi3 with Raspbian Lite running PiHole and it would be great if it could wake up PCs in the morning and shut them down in the evening. Maybe through cron?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hello Márton,

    In Veyon 4.1.3 you'll be able to use veyon-ctl power on <MAC ADDRESS> which can be called from scripts started through cron. Until then I suggest to use the wakeonlan or etherwake utility which is available on most Linux distributions.

  • Dear Toby!

    Thank you! Is it possible to do shutdowns as well? Like: power OFF instead of ON?

  • FYI: we had to postpone the CLI support for power management to Veyon 4.2.x. Chances are good we'll also support "power off" and "power reboot". Until then you'll have to use traditional approaches such as etherwake and poweroff/reboot via SSH.

  • Dear tobydox, Can you confirm if power off from cli is on the roadmap of 4.2.0? 🙂

  • @bacsom unfortunately not 😞 We still have in mind to make all features available through the CLI in a generic way so you'd be able to launch any feature via CLI instead of the buttons in Veyon Master. It currently still has a low priority so we'll probably not going to have time for this unless a customer pays for the implementation.

  • That is unfortunate 😞 I think powering off computers automatically at the end of the workday would be a very useful addition. Especially nowadays, when saving electricity is a priority.