• First, I want to say thank you. This app is slick, and I'm looking forward to deploying it.

    That said, I just spent the past two or three days trying to figure it out. I think the main source of frustration was that I was using an old version with a bug, and I suppose that's on me but...

    The documentation was not exactly clear on what steps I needed to do to achieve the basic bare bones functionality off the app. I had to put it together from really terrible youtube videos put together by I'm guessing untechnical people that just silently showed which buttons to click and in which order.

    To any devs or project guys working on this, you should make a habit of keeping an eye on youtube for tutorials of your app, and when you see a bad tutorial, you guys should come out with a better one, that explains they whys and hows of what the bad tutorial guy is doing.

    Try to anticipate user expectations. For instance, I was confused since this app essentially turns the client/server relationship on its head. In addition to the usual VNC client/server, there is an additional layer where the master is a client. Confusing. Especially when you don't start with a top down wide scoped initial approach of explaining the paradigm.

    Well that's my feedback for now. I hope to contribute more in the future. Maybe I can put up a superior youtube video with your guys' help.