Unable to setup Active Directory in Configurator 4.5.6

  • I am trying to setup Veyon at a couple of schools. Both are running windows server 2019.

    I have create a normal user called Veyon.

    In configurator I can set the BIND DB and password and the test says everything is ok.

    If I try browsing for the "fixed base DN" as soon as I try to go lower than say DC=test,DC=internal then the configurator crashes.

    I have tried explicitly adding the veyon user as read only to AD but makes no difference.

    same behaviour at both schools

  • @stuartr This might be an issue with 4.5.6 I have gone back to 4.5.3 and it is now working

  • @stuartr Interesting! Does it work with 4.5.5? I'm asking because we upgraded the 3rdparty OpenLDAP library in 4.5.6 so the crash might be related to that.