Is it possible to connect from my home to the classroom?

  • I don't have advanced technical knowledge. Could you please help me?

  • Accessing student computers is only possible if all the student computers are directly reachable via TCP/IP networking, i.e. your computer is connected to the school network via a VPN tunnel. I hope that's not too technical 😉

  • @tobydox Not technical enough! Does not the entire internet work through TCP/IP? That's like saying that you can listen to the radio, as long as your radio can pick up the electro magnetic waves.

    Though I suppose the caveat "directly" offers some clues. I suppose you mean to suggest that the IP route is unobstructed, and not behind NAT or firewalls, right? Can you elaborate on the security risks or design paradigm a bit? Is all I have to do is forward the 11100 and 11400 ports?