Power On Option in v4.1.2 Not Working

  • We have upgraded to v4.1.2 last weekend, and it would seem that the 'Power on' option no longer works. Is this an oversight or could it be an installation problem. We are using x64 versions of Master & Clients.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Is anyone else having this issue with v4.1.2?

  • Thanks for the feedback! Which version of Veyon have you used before?

  • @tobydox It was 4.0.7 before moving onto 4.1.2.

  • Same problem here. in windows 10 x86 whith veyon 4.1.2

  • That's odd. Everything should work in 4.1.x like it did in 4.0.x. I even compared the network traffic via Wireshark between the two series and there's absolutely no difference in the WoL packets being broadcasted. Can you verify the MAC address entries in your configuration, i.e. no whitespaces etc.? Can you try with lower-case letters?

  • @tobydox Yes, it's odd as we did not change any configuration. We use DNS naming for PCs in classrooms and have not bothered providing the MAC addresses to keep maintenance down, especially when PCs are moved and renamed for classrooms. We use DHCP in environment and do not have fixed IP addresses for our PCs in the classrooms.

    However, the DNS names are in uppercase, e.g. M4-01, Lib-01,T2-E01. I will change the names to lowercase for one of the classrooms and report back. I can confirm that there are no white spaces in the names.

  • @tobydox Reporting back on testing putting names in lowercase - still will not power on as before. However, with MAC addresses defined then it works.

  • Thanks for reporting back! Veyon needs to know MAC addresses for Wake-on-LAN to work - without MAC addresses it can't send WOL packets to the network. The suggestion regarding lower case names was misleading and not related to the issue, sorry for the noise!

  • @tobydox Ok, thanks. However, it did work in v4.0.7 without any MAC addresses. Now, if teachers want the option we will define the MAC addresses for them.

  • Hello, I have the same problem. in the old version of veyon that I used, I had already entered the MAC addresses of the computers, but now with the same configuration it does not work. I do not know if it will be necessary to enter this information with any special format.

  • FYI: the issue has been fixed in 4.1.4 which sends WOL packets to all available network interfaces / broadcast addresses 🙂

  • @tobydox I just updated to version 4.1.4. indeed the problem was solved. Thank you!!