Master on Seven 32bits + Students Win10 64bits : possible or not ?

  • Hi all,
    I am not sure that a master can be on an Win7-32bit machine with students on Win10-64bit. I have started several other classrooms without problems.

    Here I cannot upgrade the master computer OS for several reasons : old motherboard and several oldies-but-goodies registered softwares on this machine with a serial number depending on the Mac address...

    I cant get the master main screen displaying anything but red screen icons.
    I have created public/private keys on the master, I have distributed the public key, imported on the student's stations when installing.

    I have the same release 4.5.5 of veyon running on the 64bit-mechines and the 32bit one. Is it a problem ?

    I can see on the student sessions that the master machine has tried to connect but it does not work.

    Must I install a 32bit veyon on the 64bit machines ?
    Thanks for your assistance.
    JFP976, Mayotte Island, Indian Ocean.

  • Mixing operating systems, architectures (32/64 bit) and OS versions should work flawlessly when running an identical version of Veyon on all computers so I wonder what's the issue here. Does the behaviour change when installing the 32 bit version on a student computer (even though it should not be necessary)? Please note that you have to import the settings again after switching to the 32 bit version since it uses a different section of the registry for storing the settings.