• Hello,

    Hoping that someone can help here. I have discovered that Veyon cannot use Demo mode across different Subnets in my network, the remote view and remote control functions work great no matter what range the computers are on, however.

    Instead of having to manually set static IP addresses for the devices that are on a different subnet, does Veyon have the feature to get around this?

    I should also ask since it is not entirely obvious to me (yet), how can I set up the functionality of users to see only certain groups rather than the whole computer directory? For example, User X only sees two computer groups rather than all.

    I am using a domain network.

    Cheers, Brennan.

  • Hello,

    actually the Demo mode should work across subnets as long as long as computers can reach another via normal TCP/IP routing (NAT is not supported). Unlike other products, the demo mode in Veyon does not work with UDP broadcasts but TCP connections. When starting a demo on a computer in a different subnet, does it display the IP address of the teacher computer properly?

    Restricting access to computers is possible through access control rules. These rules also allow you to e.g. restrict access to computers at the same location as the teacher computer. Other scenarios are possible depending on your environment and AD structure.