Veyon Master Crashes when i try to select a location.

  • Everytime i try to choose a location Veyon Master Crashes. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing a few times to no avail, i have also tried installing on other PCs but still crashes when i try select the location.
    ![alt text]VeyonCapture.PNG

  • This is a bug in Veyon which makes it crash if you do not enter a hostname/IP address for the corresponding computer (in Veyon Configurator -> Locations/hosts). Please make sure to specify a valid hostname/IP address for each computer. The program should not crash then. The crash itself will be fixed in the upcoming 4.5.6 release (but of course you still won't be able to connect to computers which do not have a valid hostname/IP address).

  • @tobydox Thank you very much.