• Good afternoon,

    We are using Windows 10.

    We have Veyon set up and we have LDAP connected for user authorization. Everything is reading fine on the integration tests.

    We use the local objects to fill in the computers we want the master station to connect to.

    Everything works if the logged in user is an admin and can see and remote control the computers and see them. But when a teacher logs in all they see are read screens.

    Checking the logs on the client machine:

    2021-04-06T15:05:32.650: [WARN] ComputerControlServer: Authentication failed for "::ffff:" "DOMAIN\teacher"
    2021-04-06T15:05:33.959: [ERR] AcceptSecurityContext failed with 8009030C

    Anyone have any ideas if I have something configured wrong? Thank you.

  • Have you installed all available Windows updates? The AcceptSecurityContext call has been an issue with certain updates 1 or 2 years ago. As a workaround you can enable the Use alternative user authentication mechanism option in the Windows configuration page in Veyon Configurator after enabling the advanced settings (View -> Advanced).