"Authentication keys are not set up properly on this computer" Error on Authentication Test

  • I am new here..
    At first, the Master computer was able to connect to the client computer using the key file authentication but when I added other computers to the Locations & computers list (and exported the public key file to them as well) and tried to connect to any of them it necer connected (constantly was saying connecting... when trying to remote view/control). Now even the first client that had worked before doesn't work anymore when trying to connect.

    So, I tried deleting the old keys and making new ones and only having one client but still no connection and when I try to even test the authentication on the client computer in the Configurator, it gives me the error message I said in the title. On the computer with the private key, the test passes successfully. I tried switching which computer had the private key but all that does is make the other one not pass the test. I tried reinstalling and that didn't work. All the computers are on the same network and are all Windows 10. Don't know where to go from here to fix the issue, any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  • So I was able to fix the issue of the master not being able to see more than one computer. I deleted all the veyon files and reinstalled on all three PCs (master and two clients) and created a new key pair for the master and changed the access group to Users from the default Administrator then I exported that public key to the two clients after adding the clients to the master's Locations @ Computers list.

    The weird thing is when I click the test button on the client PCs it still says Authentication keys not setup but the services work so that's all that matters.

  • @studentloans999 Did you change the access group of the public key file to "Guest" or "Everyone" after importing? BTW the authentication test will only work on the master computer since it tests whether a private key file is readable and matches the public key file, so it's not an error if it "fails" on the client computers.