Generate Locations Tree from AD for Remote Desktop Server (RDP)

  • Hello,

    we have Remote Desktop Server with installed Veyon service configured for multiple connections. This server is used by both students and instructors.
    In Active Directory tree we have organization units CLASS01, CLASS02, CLASS03, etc.

    With manual input of locations (,, etc) it's possible to see remote desktops of all classes in Veyon Master in one single location.

    We have tried to configure Network Object directory with LDAP Basics, but it probably works only with physical PCs as we have seen only console desktop.

    Is there a possibility to automatically organize these desktops in Veyon Master to different locations according to Active Directory tree?

    Or second choice would be setting up static port allocation (acount01@domain.xy = 11101, account02@domain.xy = 11102, etc.) and create locations manually if possible.