• I'm using the version 4.5.3 in a wireless network. In this case I will of course not be able to turn on the computers via Veyon. The main problem is that I don't see the Windows 10 client computer screens all at once: they tend to appear for a while and then randomly disappear. The Wi-Fi UniFi network has a good signal: do I need to reconfigure it in a different way? Second problem: why can't I log in via Veyon? To tell the truth, I don't even see the screens of the 18 computers immediately after logging in manually but I have to wait a few minutes before any of them appear randomly. The application seems not to work as expected.

  • I think problems are caused by the UniFi Wi-Fi controller installed on a Linux Debian virtual machine with only 2 GB of RAM. I cannot increase the RAM at the moment unfortunately.

  • I do have quite the same experience with a number of 25 computers in wifi.
    You can probably increase the response by having the master on RJ45 network cable if possible.