• I found that when we remove some other menu ,like power on , log off and some of screen

    For some reason i cant delete the added url sub menu under http,

    It says hover the added sub menu then press delete, and it doesnt delete it.

    So i put back all menu that i hide form master feature.

    And then now i can delete the sub menu that i added before.

    And i thinks its the same as i selected demo on one pc , it wont stop when i press stop demo on single pc client, so i need to stop from Monitoring button on TOP left.

    I hope this can fixed soon.

  • Can you post a screenshot of the Master configuration page where you disabled some features? At a quick test I was unable to reproduce the behaviour you described.

    Please note that you can't delete websites/programs that you configured statically in Veyon Configurator. Only custom websites/programs opened by teachers and added after checking the "Remember" checkbox can be removed afterwards using the delete key.