Linux Installation - Confused with group/user when creating/importing keys

  • Hello. I am trying to install veyon in a linux setup with 1 master and 2 clients.
    All 3 machines currently run ubuntu 18.04 64 bit (desktop).

    On the master computer, the user is 'teacher'.
    On the 2 client computers, the user is 'client1' and 'client2' respectively.

    First I create a pair of keys in the master. The system asks me for a user/group that will have access to that pair. So I type 'teacher', the master's user.

    Now when I import the public key into the clients, the system asks me again for a user/group. Should I type 'teacher' or the actual user names (client1, client2)?

    Please help.

  • Hello! Welcome to Veyon! The public key should always be readable by everyone, so use a group such as "users " here.