All devices showing as red on VeyonMaster

  • Hi,

    We are using Veyon 4.4.2.

    50 Staff devices use VeyonMaster to monitor the classroom PCs.

    2 of the staff devices show all of the classroom PCs as red.

    The 2 devices are set up the exact same way as all of the others.

    I've tried reinstalling veyon and removing and adding all of the classroom PCs again.

    All devices are Windows 10.

    Is there anything obvious that i'm missing?

    Thanks for the help!

  • @esterry

    Are you using logon or key authentication?

    Do you filter by groups and access control rules?

  • @itguy Logon
    The rest of the settings are all set to default.

  • Are you using the same logon credentials on the 2 affected teacher computers as on the other working teacher computers? Can you check that the time is synchronized on all computers properly? Besides this I recommend upgrading to the latest version (as of writing: 4.5.2) on both teacher and student computers.