• Hello,

    We need to use the Wake on LAN across several VLANs, is it possible to configure the broadcast address used by the Wake on LAN feature?

    As we configured "ip directed-broadcast" on our Aruba L3 switch, we need to send the WOL broadcasts to the broadcast addresses of the subnets where our clients are and not to the broadcast address of the master subnet.


  • @153ht

    Which specific model HP/Aruba layer 3 switches are you using?

    Should be no need to change Veyon configuration, this could done by ACL or udp-helper.

    You'll need ip directed-broadcast, ip forward turned on and ip helper-address depending on the switches involved.

  • @itguy
    We are using Aruba 3810 to make the inter-vlans routing.

    I did configure ip directed-broadcast, but to make it work the WOL broadcasts must have the broadcast addresses of the clients subnets as destination.

    For a little bit more of context:

    • We have independant sites where we need to implement WOL, with the same adressing scheme:
    • Our server is on the subnet
    • The clients are on the,,, ... , subnets

    Using ip directed-broadcast, we managed to make the WOL feature work with softwares like FOG or Koxo, by specifying in those softwares to send the broadcasts to the broadcast addresses of the clients subnets (,, That's why I'm looking for a similar configuration on Veyon.

  • @153ht

    ip directed-broadcast
    ip routing
    ip udp-bcast-forward
    vlan 100
    ip address
    ip forward-protocol udp 9
    ip forward-protocol udp 9
    ip forward-protocol udp 9

    vlan 10
    ip address
    ip helper-address
    ip helper-address
    ip helper-address

    With the Wake-on-LAN server being and .3 and .4 DHCP servers.

  • @itguy Thanks, I'll implement those configurations and check if it works

  • Some suggested commands for forwarding udp broadcasts across VLANs.

    Adjust naming and addressing as required for your specific environment, implement ACLs as per your security policies.

    Otherwise, the Veyon developers may be willing to incorporate the WoL design changes you requested.