• Hello,
    We use veyon 4.4.2 on almost 800 machines (windows 10 2004 or 20H2) since several days. It is connected with our Active directory (windows 2016 server), each teacher only see his classroom. But Veyon master is really slow on almost every action and freeze a lot, on every teacher's machines. Is there some parameters we should check on configurator ?

  • @gaelds How many computers out of the 800 do you actively monitor in parallel? Can you check the CPU usage of Veyon Master? Have you changed/configured the thumbnail update interval? Try using a higher value in case you decreased it to 250 or 500 ms. I also suggest to update to the latest version (as of writing: 4.5.2). Can you apply a computer group filter for testing so only a subset of the locations are fetched from Active Directory and shown in Veyon?

  • @tobydox The update interval is 60s for LDAP, 1000ms for thumbnails. On each master, teacher only see his classroom (16 to 30 machines). veyon-master.exe is using 150/200000k of memory on my PC, but it freezes several seconds on almost every action. Same problem on every teacher PC in the school.

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  • @tobydox I've just update a class and my PC with veyon 4.5.2 but it keeps freezing a lot.

  • Hello,
    no one else has this kind of slowness problem ? it's really difficult to use veyon with all these freezes on every action...

  • It seems that the slowness and freezes disappear after adjusting the LDAP update interval to 999 instead of 60 seconds .