• Hi,

    I am a teacher, and trying to use VEYON at school. Installation and configuration of Master and Client worked fine. The problem is, that I am unable to see (control) the client computer. We use dynamic IP, so I used the MAC adress. When I try "remote view" from the master to a client, I get this screen inside screen, ... error. 0_1536049633092_sceen_inside_screen.png

    Moving the mouse over the ClientIcon, also shows "not conected"...

    What's the problem?

    I can send you a ipconfig -all, or arp -a...

  • OK. I checked the IP, and they had a mistake.

    But now, I get a "Autentification error or unable to access". No idea how to make it. I followed the instructions about export public key and import key... Any help? Is there any log file?

  • @alberto OK. Now I make it. The problem was "use VNC tool" in the Service Tab.

    Question closed.