Bad connection after changing student computers' account types from Administrator to Standard.

  • Hi,

    So I've been setting up a small network of 8 computers, 1 master and 7 client computers, 6 of which are student computers. Up until recently all of the computers had only accounts with admin privileges. Now I've finally finished installing everything on the student computers and it came time to restrict their account type to standard users, and to make a secondary Teacher administrator account. Upon doing so, the connection to the student computers is really spotty. They are connected, and do appear in the master, but they are constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, and "Establishing Connection" and often just not showing an image even when they are connected. I also noticed that in general, the connection is much worse and they are slower to use, almost unusable. I'm worried something is wrong with the key in regards to the account type. I tried changing the user group for the public key to "users", but no real change. I am in a bit over my head here - does anyone have any suggestions? I'm convinced it's something to do with the administrative privileges, as there is one computer connected to my master that still has admin privileges, and it doesn't experience any of the same connection interruptions.