problems with windows 10: desperate teacher :(

  • hi, I'm a teacher. And I need this system for my lab...
    But it seems that there are some problems with windows 10 and the last release.
    There is a problem of authentication.
    I watched several videos on youtube with previous releases and windows 10 and they worked..... So I have to switch off every pc every time 😕
    we don't have any server in the school

    please help me

  • I have the same problem. I asked for professional help. There is no solution. The Veyon Organisation must solve the problem in the next release. We have to wait. Do they know the problem?

  • Are you saying the Veyon Power down feature is not working?

  • @alexia74 Can you mention any information about it such as issues. Screenshots and show us the settings. Maybe we can resolve the issue we need further information.