Veyon - Room location with Computer Group - odd behavior in 1 room

  • Hi, everyone.

    I'm finding I'm having issues with a single room in AD with 1 room always displaying empty.

    Veyon is running version 4.4.0
    I have LDAP Basic setup connected to AD with computer locations setup as 'Computer groups'
    Group members is setup as Distinguished name.
    Recursive search is also enabled.
    The 'computer tree' and 'computer group tree' are all set to the correct OUs
    The filters are in place and pick up the correct 'computer groups' as room locations
    'List all groups of a user' works correctly
    'List all groups of a computer' works correctly
    'Get computer object by IP address' works correctly
    'List all locations' works correctly
    'List all entries of a location' works correctly for every location except for 1 location and displays an empty room in veyon master

    When I look at AD, all the groups are setup exactly the same.
    All the computers exist as correct group members, all the permissions look exactly the same to me.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar, or know what I should be looking for in AD or Veyon?


  • I've updated to Veyon with the same issue.
    Just created new rooms in AD and added PCs in. No issues at all.
    Just seems to be related to specific devices that I cannot see in veyon but work everywhere else.

    Any ideas of something in AD or on the devices I should look for?

  • Also just did the following.

    Delete the groups in AD, Deleted the computers in AD.

    added the computers to the domain and then added them back into the group.
    This group still shows up empty in veyon, every other group is fine and they are all configured with the exact same deployment and configuration file.

    Still at a loss for what to look for in AD.
    Any thoughts?


  • Hello, I have exactly the same display problem. I'm in 4.4.2.
    I think VEYON displays the 'OU'

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