• Hi..

    I'm trying to configure the PCs so that users get a request that the teacher is trying to connect to their PC, which they then have to click Allow.

    I used Access Control Rules, and had the following:

    Invert all conditions
    Accessing computer is local host
    Asked logged on user for permission

    With this rule set, pupils get asked if they wish to allow their teacher to connect.
    Teachers running Veyon Master do not get the prompt (if I don't use the invert local host rule, teachers get a dialog box about connecting to THEIR Veyon Master PC as soon as they run Veyon Master)

    However - with this rule enabled, I'm unable to use the fullscreen/window demo.
    Pupils get a black screen with "Trying to connect to [ip address of Veyon Master PC]"

    If I remove the rule, and set it to default, then it works.

    I can't have a rule for teacher PCs and pupil PCs because Covid means that teachers and pupils are using laptops - and there's no guarantee that a teacher will always be using a dedicated laptop.

    Is there an additional access control rule I can create which will allow the demo mode to work?


  • I THINK(?) I've got round this:

    Rule 1 = Prompt if not local host
    Invert; Accessing computer is localhost; Asked loggedon on user for permission

    Rule 2 = Allow if already connected
    Accessing user is already connected; Allow access

    Rule 3 = LocalHost
    Accessing Computer is local host; Allow access

    This SEEMS to work when applied to my Master and Pupil PCs.
    However - my settings are meant to show a notification dialog while the PC is being connected.
    It appears that these rules prevent the dialog from appearing. The user gets a "allow this connection?", but they don't then get a "This PC is being controlled by" pop-up.

    The experiments continue!

  • Hmm.. It seems that ANY access control rules stop the notification that someone is using the PC.
    If I switch to "Grant access to every authenticated user (default)", then I immediately get the "User blah is now accessing this computer".

    This is on 4.4.0, Windows 64

  • Stranger and stranger 🙂

    The connection notification goes away if the end user clicks the OK/close button.
    On the previous version of Veyon which I did my initial tests on - the connection notification would reappear if the pupil clicked the OK/close button on the notification.