Prompting to connect to Master PC when running Master?

  • Hi, again.

    I've got Veyon configured with a keyfile, and to:

    Notify user when being monitored.
    Show notification when an unathorized access is blocked
    (Set up under Service, Show notification on remote connection)

    For the Prompt
    Access control
    Process access controls
    Rule = Invert all, Accessing computer is local computer, Ask logged on user for permission

    (If I don't tick this, I get notified that I'm monitoring my own PC when I run Master)

    This works - except....

    With the setting applied, as soon as I run Veyon Master, the user running Veyon Master gets told that access rules have blocked them from accessing their PC (the PC that they are running Master on).

    I can untick the "show notificiation" box, but I'd rather not.

    Is there a way I can show unauthorised access blocks which doesn't show any prompts?

  • Never mind - I think I figured it out!

    New rule (under the rule I created above)
    Accessing computer is local computer = None (rule disabled)

    Next question...

    If I'm monitoring LAPTOP01, and I exit Master..
    How do I configure it to NOT automatically reconnect to LAPTOP01 when I next run Master?

  • Gah! Ignore me.. That didn't work.
    I'd mistakenly unticked the "show notification when an unathorized.." box 🙂

    I'm just going to roll with it for now.

    I'd still like to know how to stop it remembering my previously connected clients, though. At the moment, it looks like I'm going to have to replace the shortcut for Master with a script which deletes the per-user settings file and then runs Master.. Not ideal.